Entrepreneurship and Innovation

– To promote entrepreneurial development and innovation.

– To cooperate in order to strengthen the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

– To provide training and technical assistance for the development of entrepreneurship and to create sustainable enterprises.

– To establish a network that encourages entrepreneurial development, in order to search and unite efforts and resources, to form strategic alliances with different actors, national and international, in support of sustainable human development, all based on knowledge, scientific and professional support of the work team that consolidates this organization.

 Entrepreneur Focus Group

Meetings with groups of entrepreneurs from different regions, in order to investigate through debates and group dynamics, what are the obstacles that entrepreneurs face and also to detect the necessary management tools for those who are in an advanced stage development, implement strategies and actions to overcome commercial barriers and difficulties, that are faced when it comes to position products and/or services in the market in a successful way. This objective will be pursued with the same methodology, the different dynamics that take place in different locations in our country aimed at adding new findings and entrepreneurial experiences.

 Entrepreneurs Club

Our Entrepreneurs Club promotes links between entrepreneurs and everyone who feels involved with entrepreneurial development to generate a community that strengthens the entrepreneurial ecosystem and sustainable human development.

From this space, Synergys Foundation aims to perform different actions in order to support those who, with attitude and aptitude, intend to carry out high potential, dynamic, durable and sustainable projects.

We are convinced that interaction with others, whether individuals or institutions, that share these objectives, contributes to the design of active policies in post of new venture formation and strengthen the ones which are under development.

Entrepreneurs Club is the place where everyone involved can interact, exchange views, share experiences and methodologies, and generate networking to help us thrive.

We believe that entrepreneurs should be the protagonists of paradigm change, creating value, jobs and solutions to problems of our environment, with innovative ideas and social consciousness.

 Technological Entrepreneur’s Development Day

It is a participatory space that promotes interaction between actors from science and technology, companies and organizations from the productive sector system. Consists of several activities: workshops, courses, seminars and conferences, which are organized annually.

In addition to creating a space for participation and interaction between students, entrepreneurs and business, its objectives is to promote the integration of development tools and skills to identify business opportunities for scientific and technological base, joint scientific supply and demand regional technology, strengthen regional supply chains and boost the competitiveness of the local productive sector.

 Training for new entrepreneurs to develop ideas and business start

SHORT COURSE: Training in specific topics


Through this training we help entrepreneurs turn ideas into action; convert your dream into a proposed value which can be introduced into the market. We analyze the capacities to undertake and recognize the entrepreneurial ecosystem as the manager of the project sustainability through analysis of endogenous and exogenous factors that facilitate or hinder the development of the business idea.


Is a training program with mentoring, support and technical assistance for entrepreneurs who are starting. It is aimed at those with a value proposition in its first stage and need of knowledge and specific management tools for entrepreneurs. Business Plan, Marketing, Finance, Planning, among others, are the topics addressed in this proposal specific targeted training for entrepreneurs.


Subject-specific courses

Practical, short and interactive courses based on a combination of games and simulations; there are forums, consultations with tutors via mail, chat rooms and self-assessments. They learn about Marketing, Finance, Sales, Social Networking, Taxes, among others, in a pleasant environment in constant exchange.